Online Classes with Lisa Ganora

and Kat Martello

We're super excited to be almost ready with the next online class in our Make Better Medicine series: Extraordinary Elixirs! This class will guide you through the process of making multi-herb elixirs from tinctures formulated with herbal-infused honeys. Learn how to calculate the ethanol percentage in the elixir, and the concentration of each ingredient in your final product! Registration opens December 15, 2022 and kicks off with a free webinar at 6:00 PM US Mountain Time (go ahead & register, if you miss the live session we'll send you a link to the recording).

The first online class in our Make Better Medicine series, Solubility & Extraction, will be available again after the free webinar on December 15, 2022 - when we release our second class, Extraordinary Elixirs! Sign up for the webinar for a great introduction to these topics, and you can grab an early bird discount on either or both classes ...

Herbal Constituents: Foundations of Phytochemistry, 2nd Ed.

Herbal Constituents, 2nd Edition, is the perfect complement for our online classes!

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