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Comfrey & the PA Puzzle - Short Course

Learn about the different Comfrey species & cultivars, their synergistic phenolic constituents & the pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PA): what they are & why they matter. Is Comfrey safe? What about leaf vs. root? What is the spectrum of PA toxicity? What are they soluble in? Can you absorb them through your skin? How does the liver metabolize them? Can they really cause liver disease? How much is too much?

We'll dive into phytochemical detail to answer these questions and give you the tools you need to make a rational risk/benefit analysis of this traditional medicinal plant. Includes detailed handouts with links to resources, an illustrated PowerPoint deck, a fun self-assessment quiz, and two recorded 2-hour Q&A Webinars with Lisa Ganora & Kat Martello!

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Herbal Constituents (Early Access)
Registration is now open!

We're doing something new this year: opening up Early Access to Herbal Constituents. We've had a number of requests for this, so we decided to go for it and let enthusiastic students register now! Early Access allows you to view and download all the course materials and get a jump start on your studies before the new live webinars begin (Sept 5, 2024 for Semester 1, & Jan 9, 2025, for Semester 2. Each class in the early access version incudes a recorded 2.5-hour webinar with Lisa Ganora and Kat Martello, with full admin and class support via our lively Forum. Also, we're limiting total registrations to 100 each semester to make sure students get individual attention, so we wanted to give you a chance to sign up early.

Herbal Constituents goes in-depth to explore the nature of constituents, structure and function, solubility & extraction, synergy and variability, which plants contain which phytochemicals, how constituents contribute to the actions and energetics of Western herbs, and how to use our knowledge of them in clinical practice. If you really want to understand constituents and basic botanical chemistry, this could be the class for you: The comprehensive course includes two 12-week sessions, each with videos, study guides, PowerPoint decks, handouts, quizzes, optional assignments, a forum, and both recorded and live webinars. Sign up for one session or both!

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Make Better Medicine

The Art & Science of Botanical Tincturing

Want to make more concentrated, consistent & potent tinctures? We'll show you how! Join us to explore the principles of solubility and extraction that apply to tincturing.

Dive into menstruum composition and learn the power of the Menstruum Math Calculator (included). We'll compare classical maceration, power maceration, SWSBM & Fenner's Formulary percolations & done-in-a-day tinctures using kitchen tools and home extractors. Explore historical pharmacy methods of percolation and how to adapt them using modern equipment. Take your tincturing game to the next level with Herbal Constituents! 

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The first class in our Make Better Medicine series, Solubility & Extraction

is now available! Solubility & Extraction is the course for herbalists who want to take their medicine-making skills to the next level ... Join us to learn process based herbal pharmacy - the next step beyond a recipe based approach.

Learn the how and why of your methods and how you can dial them in to Make Better Medicine by understanding solubility & extraction with Herbal Constituents!

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The second class in our Make Better Medicine series, Extraordinary Elixirs! (& Herbal Infused Honeys)

is now available with upgraded audio! This in-depth class has more than 4 hours of step-by-step video, study guides, quizzes, a course booklet, recipes and more to help you make simple or complex multi-herb elixirs. Also see the Tincture & Elixir Calculator below.

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Elixir & Tincture Formula Calculator

If you make herbal products to sell or for your clients, check out this handy calculator that does the math for both multi-herb tincture formulas and simple or multi-herb elixirs (tincture/s & honey together). The easy way to get the final ethanol % in your formulas along with specific dose information for each herb!

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Menstruum Math Calculator

Save time and money with this handy calculator that helps you to make any menstruum accurately, for use with any tincturing process! It will help you to dilute or concentrate a menstruum to the correct EtOH % or mix two menstrua together to get a new EtOH %. For use with fresh or dried herbs.

Note: If you register for the Art & Science of Botanical Tincturing course, this calculator is included - so no need to buy it separately. But if you don't need the full course, here's where you get just the calculator.

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