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Tincture & Elixir Calculator

If you make herbal products to sell or for your clients, check out this handy calculator that does the math for your multi-herb tinctures and simple or multi-herb elixirs (tincture/s & honey together). The easy way to get the final ethanol % in your formulas along with specific dose information for each herb!

Registration is now closed for our in-depth Herbal Constituents course. Two 12-week sessions each have live webinars with Lisa Ganora! Along with video classes, extensive study guides, illustrated PowerPoint decks, handouts, quizzes, and more. Learn how medicinal plants work from the inside out! Registration will open again in January, 2024.

The second class in our Make Better Medicine series, Extraordinary Elixirs! (& Herbal Infused Honeys) will be available again when we've finished our next MBM class, later in 2023.

The first online class in our Make Better Medicine series, Solubility & Extraction, will be available again when our next MBM class is ready later in 2023.

Herbal Constituents: Foundations of Phytochemistry, 2nd Ed.

Herbal Constituents, 2nd Edition, is the perfect complement for our online classes!

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