Hi, I'm Lisa Ganora

Internationally recognized botanical chemistry teacher, clinical herbalist, and author of the popular textbook, Herbal Constituents. I’ve worked with herbs since 1986 and have been teaching, presenting, and consulting in the field of functional phytochemistry for more than 20 years. With a background in biology, chemistry, and pharmacognosy, I bring functional phytochemistry and Western clinical herbalism together. 

How I got here

Much of my childhood was spent roaming the woods on horseback, playing with wild herbs and trees, and studying field guides. My first chemistry set (1970!) ignited a lifelong curiosity to discover the hidden science behind the visible world - and so I became a high school science nerd.

After starting my college career with pre-med studies at UVM, my path took an adventurous turn: transatlantic sailing.¬†In¬†the ‚Äė80s I landed in¬†Provincetown, MA¬†and¬†discovered herbalism when Dandelion root cured¬†my¬†chocolate addiction. Unexpectedly, I‚Äôd found my calling!

Fourteen years later, graduating from UNCA marked the fusion of my interests: herbalism and science converged into a cohesive exploration of pharmacognosy and botanical sciences. My later experience as founder and director of the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism was the final key to bringing functional phytochemistry into the world of holistic practice.

How I can help you;

  • Rooted in my passion for herbalism and phytochemistry, I offer inspiring online courses and expert guidance to elevate your understanding of the botanical realm.
  • I provide unique insights that illuminate the intricate mechanisms of herbal constituents and how they¬†contribute to the actions of medicinal plants.
  • Enriched by a diverse background and decades of experience, I deliver real-world strategies to take your botanical pharmacy and formulation skills to a whole new level.
  • I am dedicated to equipping you with the tools and expertise needed to harvest the transformative potential of functional phytochemistry!
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Are you someone who is...

  • Seeking to deepen your understanding of herbal constituents and their role in botanical medicine?
  • Interested in bridging the gap between traditional herbalism and contemporary scientific research?
  • Looking to enhance your skills in advanced herbal medicine making, formulation, or product quality assessment?
  • Eager to join a supportive community of like-minded professionals dedicated to cultivating their knowledge and expertise in functional phytochemistry?

If so ... you've come to the right place!

Free Video Presentation with Lisa Ganora

Herbal Constituents: The Big Picture

Introducing the world of phytochemistry for practitioners & botanical medicine makers: how constituents affect solubility & extraction, synergy & variability, and the actions & energetics of herbs.