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Understanding Medicinal Plants from the Inside Out

Functional Phytochemistry for Clinical Herbalists, Pharmacists, Healthcare Professionals, Medicine Makers, Formulators ...

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Herbal Constituents: The Big Picture

Introducing the world of functional phytochemistry for botanical practitioners, medicine makers, & the phytochemically curious: how constituents affect solubility & extraction, synergy & variability, and the actions & energetics of herbs.

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skilled herbalist, holistic healthcare provider, pharmacist, formulator, product visionary or anyone seeking a deeper understanding of how the active ingredients in herbal medicines actually work?

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We invite you to join our community of professionals dedicated to cultivating expertise in the arts and sciences of functional phytochemistry and botanical medicine.

As an experienced professional in your field, you know the importance of continually integrating new insights and skills.

Have you wondered if understanding herbal constituents could be the missing link that helps you connect the many facets of botanical medicine, holistic healthcare, and the world of herbal products?

With the increasing interest in herbal medicines, keeping up with the science is essential!

When you cultivate a deeper understanding of functional phytochemistry, product design & quality, and botanical therapeutics, you can offer solid guidance and expert services that align with the evolving needs and expectations of your clients and customers. 

Our lively courses will equip you with actionable knowledge, insights, and practical skills that you can use to better serve your clients and community and improve the quality of your products.

We offer an accessible, entertaining approach along with expert support - demystifying the science and making phytochemistry fun again! 

And if you want to offer more evidence-based botanical care, grounded in a thorough understanding of how constituents influence physiology, we’re here for you!

We invite you to embark on a transformative journey with us as your trusted allies in the world of herbal constituents and botanical medicine.


I am Lisa Ganora

Author of Herbal Constituents, internationally recognized botanical chemistry teacher, dedicated herbalist.

I have a passion for making phytochemistry fun, easy to understand, and relevant for pharmacy, formulation, and holistic healthcare.

I began practicing traditional herbalism in the 80s, and in 2000 graduated summa cum laude with multiple awards in biology and chemistry from UNCA. As my next step, I specialized in pharmacognosy and phytochemistry for herbalists and naturopathic physicians.

In 2012 I founded the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism in Boulder, CO, developing the curriculum and serving as Director until 2020. CSCH built upon on the spirit of Paul Bergner's original school of Vitalist herbalism and nutrition, NAIMH.

Today I bring all my skills together to teach online courses, present at conferences, and consult for product formulation and development.

I’m passionate about demystifying phytochemistry and helping practitioners and medicine makers use botanicals in more coherent and effective ways.

My mission is to breathe life into the herbal sciences and inspire a profound appreciation for the intricate dance of herbs, medicinal foods, and vibrant health.

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Herbal Constituents Courses

We offer a variety of online courses including our Make Better Medicine series: using process-based medicine making to craft professional herbal products. Our Short Courses explore important topics for botanical safety and efficacy. And the comprehensive Herbal Constituents course is a 2-semester deep dive into functional phytochemistry.

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Consulting & Formulation

Looking for individual guidance with product formulation & review, evaluating ingredient  or supplement quality or safety, understanding the role of herbal constituents &  extracts in your formulas, botanical medicine making topics, or anything to do with herbal constituents and functional phytochemistry? Schedule a single session or formulation project with Lisa Ganora.

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This phytochemistry class with Lisa Ganora is a must.

It will take your medicine making and herbal recommendations to a new level. Lisa is a dynamic instructor.

She makes chemistry fun, to the point that you may even feel compelled to go out and get a molecular modeling kit. You will see the chemical intelligence of plants and herbs that you’ve known for years in an entirely different light.

- Natasha Leger

Herbalist, Attorney, Environmental Advocate, Author

Taking this course has been the best decision I have ever made on my path as an herbalist.

Although I have studied herbal therapeutics for almost 20 years, this course has opened my eyes to a whole new way of understanding the healing possibilities of the plant world.

Lisa is an extraordinary teacher and is absolutely brilliant. This course provides so much incredible information that I wish I could take it all over again! The foundations of synergy and solubility have changed the way I look at herbal extracts and this course teaches a whole new language with which to be able to decipher scientific studies and find a deep understanding of how plants affect the body.

- Rebecca Diane Nelson

Herbalist, Writer, and Teacher  - Descendent Botanicals

I was looking for an in-depth course that could merge the latest research, Traditional Western herbalism, and practical knowledge. With a background in chemistry and herbalism, I found that Herbal Constituents 1 and 2 exceeded my expectations.

Lisa's classes are very enjoyable, with high quality materials and very valuable information. There was a live class weekly and recordings are delivered immediately after this class that allowed me to get up to date as I was not able to join the live classes because of the time zone differences.

In addition, there are very detailed and thorough study guides with plenty of information about research, publications and traditional medicine input. The assignments addressed practical examples that helped me integrate all the theory on a deeper level. So I did get all the ins and outs of phytochemistry that makes me more confident to read and understand the literature, how to identify the right sources, and how to use plants wisely for my clients and for developing new formulations.

The teamwork is very efficient and dedicated, I always had an immediate response to my questions, and very good feedback with more references and links to other sources to deepen my knowledge. I think this is a must course for any person working with plants at a therapeutic level

- Sofia Perez Villar

Irish Registered Herbalist (IRH), Conscious Earth Medicine

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We invite you to join our community of passionate professionals as we explore the captivating world of herbal constituents.

Dive into the science, cultivate your botanical expertise, and discover the boundless potential of medicinal plants!

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