The Art & Science of Botanical Tincturing


Make Better Tinctures?

Our most detailed course to date includes a custom Menstruum Math calculator!

  • Have you dreamed of making your herbal¬†products¬†even more effective?
  • Are you¬†excited to¬†create¬†professional quality tinctures¬†with great flavor & aroma profiles -¬†exceptional products that really stand out?
  • Would you like to craft consistent,¬†concentrated tinctures that work¬†in lower doses - more medicine, less alcohol?
  • Are you¬†ready to¬†master basic principles of solubility & extraction to uplevel your¬†medicine making¬†skills?
  • Have you ever wanted a customized calculator to do all your menstruum math for you (extraction ratios, fresh & dried herbs, maceration & percolation, dilution, concentration & mixing two menstrua)?
  • Curious about how to adapt historical pharmacy methods like percolation for making great modern tinctures?

We can show you how! The Art & Science of Botanical Tincturing course will help you evolve from "recipe based" crafting to "process based" medicine making, using affordable apothecary equipment & the seven factors that optimize botanical extraction. You will soon be offering your clients and customers more vibrant tinctures that truly embody the healing essences of your favorite herbs!


The Art & Science of Botanical Tincturing course will help you:
  • Choose the best menstruum & ethanol % for tincturing different herbs
  • Design¬†your menstruum to focus on extracting¬†certain groups of constituents
  • Learn the easy, reliable way to make¬†any¬†menstruum out of 95% ethanol
  • Accurately dilute or concentrate any menstruum, or¬†create new a EtOH % by mixing different menstrua together
  • Simplify¬†this kind of work by using¬†the Menstruum Math calculator
  • Adjust menstruum composition¬†for¬†tincturing¬†fresh¬†herbs vs.¬†dried¬†herbs
  • Learn the secret of making a great tincture in 30 minutes with fresh or dried herbs
  • Understand the advantages of percolation - it's faster than "regular" maceration, but when is it better?
  • Master the art of "power extraction" -using affordable apothecary equipment to optimize maceration

Is this course right for me?

If you have the basics of medicine making down, The Art & Science of Botanical Tincturing offers a fun challenge that will advance your skills. We invite you to register today, but if you give this course a whirl and find that it just isn't your cup of tea, we offer a 14-day, no strings attached, money back guarantee!

What people are saying about our Make Better Medicine courses:

"Thank you very much for creating this course and making it such an accessible price.  I have been following your work for some time now and have the recent and previous edition of your book.  I have always struggled with chemistry though I am passionate about making herbal preparations. I am a herbal educator, specializing in teaching folk to grow, harvest/forage and make their own medicinal preparations from scratch ... The learning never ends."    Tatiana Lustre Dawn - Alchemilla Herbals

"Thank you Lisa for a wonderfully informative course. I finally have a greater understanding of solubility and its impact on making really good medicine. I've made many tinctures over the years and I can't help but wish I had this understanding many moons ago! However, I am still grateful for all the plants and medicines I've worked with and this only deepens my understanding and appreciation for future medicine making. You really made the chemistry friendlier for me :) Much appreciated."   Rose Casey - Rosewoods Herbal

"Fantastic and fun as I knew it would be. Of course I will want to go deeper with your other offerings and now re-read your Herbal Constituents book. I have several books on aromatic chemistry, but you have truly brought to life some of these concepts in a very utilizable way. I look forward to pulling back the screen of mystery in the formulating world with you. A deeper understanding of extraction and solubility is critical here. Thank you so much!"   Elana BlueStone, Herbalist, Aromatherapist, Formulator


Just the Botanical Tincturing Course, Please

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Make Better Tinctures

Companion Course: Solubility & Extraction

This course is a great companion for Botanical Tincturing. Learn more about the principles of solubility & extraction for herbal medicine making including the 7 factors that can optimize your herbal products. Register here for $97.
Make Better Extractions

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