Comfrey & the PA Puzzle


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Is Comfrey Safe?

  • Have you heard conflicting opinions on the safety of this traditional herb?
  • Do you love Comfrey, but worry that its alkaloids might cause some kind of liver damage?
  • Does all Comfrey contain pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PA)?
  • What, exactly, are the PA in Comfrey, and why does it matter?
  • Are all PA the same? How many different kinds are there?
  • Which¬†type of Comfrey and plant part has the lowest concentration of alkaloids?
  • Are Comfrey's pyrrolizidine alkaloids an automatic ticket to toxicity or is there more to the story?
  • Comfrey & the PA Puzzle¬†will help clear up the confusion!

Is this the right class for me?

For anyone interested in the details about Comfrey and pyrrolizidine alkaloids, Comfrey & the PA Puzzle offers a fun challenge that will help you expand your understanding of the botanical science and phytochemistry "behind the curtain." We invite you to register today, but if you give this class a whirl and find that it just isn't your cup of tea, we offer a 14-day, no strings attached, money back guarantee!


Just Comfrey & the PA Puzzle, Please

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Comfrey & the PA Puzzle

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