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Why Study Herbal Constituents?

If you've ever had a confusing or boring experience with chemistry, or wondered how it was relevant to your practice, we want you to know that this course is totally different! Join us for a spirited romp through the realm of phytochemistry where we decipher the mysterious code of medicinal molecules. Learn the answers to questions like: What, exactly, does oligomeric proanthocyanidins mean and why does it matter? And ... how do I get them into my herbal products?

If you're looking for accessible, practical, accurate, and relevant explanations of how herbs and their constituents work, you've come to the right place ... Our Herbal Constituents course will enrich your understanding of herbal medicine and help take your botanical practice to the next level!


Botanical Practitioners

  • Are you ready to¬†expand your practice of herbalism on a more professional level?
  • Do you want to know which herbs contain which constituents, and how to use this knowledge for practical purposes?
  • Are you curious about how synergy, variability, and standardization influence the efficacy of herbal remedies?
  • Do you want to understand the herbal supplements you recommend on a deeper level?
  • Would you like some solid tools for explaining botanical therapeutics to your community, clients, and students?

Medicine Makers

  • Would you like to create herbal products that are based on¬†both¬†science and tradition?
  • Are your formulas ready for a constituents-savvy upgrade?
  • Would¬†a¬†solid foundation in the principles of¬†polarity, solubility, and extraction help you make better medicines?
  • Do you want more skills to craft effective, consistent, and unique herbal products that stand out in the marketplace?
  • Do you want to make more professional products ?
  • How about a guide for¬†extracting¬†different constituents from your favorite herbs?¬†

Healthcare Professionals

  • Are you looking for a new way to understand phytochemistry and constituents, and¬†how herbs actually work?
  • Do you want to¬†know more about how¬†botanicals and their constituents influence human physiology?
  • Are you curious about the special features of¬†botanical¬†pharmacology?
  • Are you concerned about herb/drug interactions and how to assess the level of risk?
  • Do¬†you wonder how¬†to explain herbal medicines to more conventional practitioners and their followers?
  • How about a¬†paradigm for¬†interpreting scientific research on herbs and their constituents?
Yes to Herbal Constituents!

Is this course right for me?

We're excited to invite you on this journey as we delve into the art & science of Herbal Constituents! Whether you're an herbalist or medicine maker, herbal products specialist, teacher or author, pharmacist or healthcare professional, we think you'll love this comprehensive course with Lisa Ganora & Kat Martello's recorded and upcoming  live weekly webinars. We designed Herbal Constituents to be a highly interactive, in-depth experience for a variety of advanced students and professionals. While there are no formal prerequisites, we've found that students generally get more out of it if they've graduated from a clinical herbalism school, have a relevant undergraduate degree, are practicing professionals, or have a strong interest in the botanical sciences. We invite you to register today, but if you're not satisfied with the course for any reason, we offer a 14-day, no strings attached, money back guarantee!


This phytochemistry class with Lisa Ganora is a must. It will take your medicine making and herbal recommendations to a new level. Lisa is a dynamic instructor. She makes chemistry fun, to the point that you may even feel compelled to go out and get a molecular modeling kit. You will see the chemical intelligence of plants and herbs that you’ve known for years in an entirely different light. - Natasha Leger, herbalist, attorney, author

My background is Chemistry and Herbalism, I was looking for an in-depth course that could merge the latest research, Traditional Western herbalism, and practical knowledge. I found that the Herbal Constituents 1 and 2 exceeded my expectations. Lisa's classes are very enjoyable, with high quality materials and very valuable information. There is a live class weekly and recordings are delivered immediately after this class that allowed me to get up to date as I was not able to join the live classes because of the time zone differences. In addition, there are very detailed and thorough study guides with plenty of information about research, publications and traditional medicine input. The assignments addressed practical examples that helped me integrate all the theory in a deeper level. So I did get all the ins and outs of phytochemistry that makes me more confident to read and understand the literature, how to identify the right sources, and how to use plants wisely therapeutically for my clients and for developing new formulations. The teamwork is very efficient and dedicated, I always had an immediate response to my questions, and very good feedback with more references and links to other sources to deepen my knowledge. I think this is a must course for any person working with plants at a therapeutic level. - Sofia Perez Villar, IRH    Conscious Earth Medicine

Taking this course has been the best decision I have ever made on my path as an herbalist. Although I have studied herbal therapeutics for almost 20 years, this course has opened my eyes to a whole new way of understanding the healing possibilities of the plant world. Lisa is an extraordinary teacher and is absolutely brilliant. This course provides so much incredible information that I wish I could take it all over again! The foundations of synergy and solubility have changed the way I look at herbal extracts and this course teaches a whole new language with which to be able to decipher scientific studies and find a deep understanding of how plants affect the body. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in herbalism, nutrition, formulation, or plant sciences. Even beginners will benefit from the approachable content and Lisa’s fun teaching style that keeps these topics interesting and provides a really enjoyable learning experience. - Rebecca Diane, herbalist, Descendent Botanicals


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Menstruum Math Calculator for Tincturing

Medicine Makers! This versatile calculator (programmed spreadsheet) helps you accurately create any menstruum for use with any tincturing process - for both fresh & dried herbs. Includes Dilution & Concentration Equations to change one menstruum into another. It's the perfect complement for the polarity, solubility & extractions classes in Herbal Constituents 1.  Only $57. 


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