Make Better Medicine: Extraordinary Elixirs! (& Herbal Infused Honeys)

Learn the art and science of making concentrated warm-process herbal infused honeys, and combining them with multiple tinctures to make extraordinary (potent, broad-spectrum, effective) elixirs! 

What you'll get when you sign up:

  • More than four hours of engaging video from our herbal lab at the farm, with demonstrations of important concepts & methods for making infused honeys & elixirs
  • High-quality audio files you can download & take with you to listen to on your devices 
  • Detailed study guides that follow along with & expand on each video lesson 
  • Complete instructions, worksheets & formulas to download
  • A 75-page course booklet
  • Fun self-assessment quizzes that help keep you on track
  • A lively community forum where you can ask us your medicine making questions & connect with your fellow students
  • Unlimited access to all the class materials (including the forum) & downloads to keep forever!

This class covers:

  • Review of solubility & extraction for herbal infused honeys & elixirs
  • Introduction to elixirs & a brief history of their evolution & uses
  • The healing powers of honey & using honey as a menstruum
  • Step-by-step instructions for making concentrated herbal infused honeys with the warm method
  • Making Aronia berry infused honey demo
  • Principles of elixir pharmacy: planning your project & formulas
  • Step-by-step elixir making process with Bitters elixir demo
  • Calculations simplified: worksheets & final ethanol percentage
  • Elixir Materia Medica & favorite formulas
  • Special demo: Medicine Math calculator for elixirs

$117.00 USD

Would you like to add our Medicine Math Calculator for Elixirs for $99? 

This spreadsheet will calculate everything you need to know to create just the right amount of simple or multi-tincture, multi-honey elixir with exactly the right alcohol concentration (EtOH %). It also gives you detailed information about how much of each herb is present in various doses of elixir.

What you'll get:

  • Programmed calculator spreadsheet with examples from the Extraordinary Elixirs! class, and blank pages for your formulas
  • Video tour of the calculator with details about how to use it
  • Step-by-step how-to guide PDF to download
  • Access to the Make Better Medicine Forum to ask us your questions
  • Note: the checkout sequence is a little odd. If you decide to add the Calculator, you pay for the class first, then the Calculator payment option will pop up. Just check the little box below & keep going ... you'll see :>)