$299.00 USD


Join us for a fun in-person workshop at Elderberry's Farm in Paonia, Colorado!

Take your tincturing to the next level! This workshop is designed to help herbal medicine makers, apothecary owners, and clinical practitioners advance their skills in the art and science of crafting vibrant herbal tinctures (hydroethanolic extracts). By understanding principles of solubility and extraction that apply to specifically to tinctures, we can get the constituents we want in more concentrated, consistent products. We’ll explore different methods of tincturing including historical percolation and power maceration, and discover the pros & cons of each. We’ll also learn how to choose our ethanol % and make the perfect menstruum using the dilution equation & our custom Menstruum Math calculator. Expand your skills and techniques as we practice different ways to extract both fresh and dried herbs.
  • Learn when to use different maceration & percolation techniques
  • Practice making a great tincture in 20 minutes using either fresh or dried herbs in the Vitamix
  • Experience power maceration using affordable, programmable, insulated home extractors to make potent tinctures within hours – similar to Eclectic preparations
  • Learn to consistently calculate proportions, ratios, concentrations & ethanol percentages
  • Practice with the Menstruum Math calculator and see how easy it is to make the perfect menstruua for your tinctures
  • Explore the Michael Moore method of “Percolation for the People”
  • Reproduce the historical methods of percolation used by pharmacists in the 1800s

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