The Art & Science of Botanical Tincturing

Uplevel your tincturing skills today!

Learn how to create concentrated, consistent, professional quality botanical tinctures. The Art & Science of Botanical Tincturing course will help you evolve from "recipe based" crafting to "process based" medicine making, using affordable apothecary equipment & the seven factors that optimize botanical extraction. You will soon be offering your clients and customers more vibrant tinctures that truly embody the healing essences of your favorite herbs!

What you'll get when you sign up:

  • Two recorded Q&A sessions with Lisa Ganora & Kat Martello (from the March 7 live meetings)
  • More than 11 hours of engaging video from our herbal lab at Elderberry's, with demonstrations of important concepts & methods
  • High-quality audio files you can download & take with you to listen to on your devices
  • Detailed handouts that supplement & expand on the material in each video lesson 
  • Supplementary PDFs: Herbal Constituents Outline & Solubility of Constituents
  • Supplementary PDFs: Historical Botanical Percolations from the 1800s
  • An illustrated PowerPoint deck for visual learning and to use with your classes & presentations
  • Fun self-assessment quizzes that help keep you on track
  • An active community forum where you can ask us your medicine making questions & connect with your fellow students
  • Unlimited access to all the class materials (& downloads to keep forever!)

This class covers:

  • Solubility & Extraction for Tinctures: basic principles to enhance quality & consistency
  • Menstruum Math: how to dial in menstruum composition to match an herb & its constituents
  • Maceration & Dried Herb Extraction: from Wise Woman crafting to modern power maceration
  • Fresh Herb Tinctures: optimal practices for menstruum adjustment & extraction method
  • Maceration - Rapid Vitamix Method: yes, you can make a great tincture in 30 minutes
  • Maceration - Programmable Extractors: Magical Butter Machine & STX Infuzium methods
  • Percolation - Michael Moore / SWSBM Method: classic 'Percolation for the People' with kitchen tools
  • Modern Percolation Methods: level up with adaptations of historical botanical pharmacy methods 
  • Bonus: downloadable Menstruum Math calculator included in course!

$157.00 USD

Would you like to add our Medicine Math Calculator for Elixirs for just $79 ($20 off regular price)? 

This spreadsheet will calculate everything you need to know to create just the right amount of simple or multi-tincture, multi-honey elixir with exactly the right alcohol concentration (EtOH %). It also gives you detailed information about how much of each herb is present in various doses of elixir.

What you'll get:

  • Programmed calculator spreadsheet with examples from the Extraordinary Elixirs! class, and blank pages for your formulas
  • Video tour of the calculator with details about how to use it
  • Step-by-step how-to guide PDF to download
  • Access to the Make Better Medicine Forum to ask us your questions
  • Note: the checkout sequence is a little odd. If you decide to add the Calculator, you pay for the class first, then the Calculator payment option will pop up. Just check the little box below & keep going ... you'll see :>)