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Comfrey & the PA Puzzle + Solubility & Extraction Bundle - Save $15


Comfrey & the PA Puzzle  +  Make Better Medicine: Solubility & Extraction class

  • With Comfrey & the PA Puzzle you'll get four detailed handouts:

    • The Comfrey Chronicles - learn about the origins & different types of Comfrey, including Common Comfrey and Russian Comfrey - which species is best?
    • Comfrey Constituents - what else is in there? A detailed look at the complementary constituents, their actions, and their potential to modify the toxicity of PA.
    • Introduction to PA - what are pyrrolizidine alkaloids, exactly? Occurrence, structures, subclasses, solubility, spectrum of potential toxicity, mechanisms of metabolism/ detoxification in the body - all PA are not the same!
    • Comfrey's PA - which types of PA are found in Comfrey, how they vary by plant part, what are their specific risks, and how does the Comfrey matrix modify their actions? My perspective on using Comfrey as a medicinal herb, contraindications, and links to studies and case histories with analysis of their significance to the practice of herbalism.
    • Each handout has in-depth information, illustrations, and links to resources that I have found helpful in understanding the topics. You can read them inside the course any time, or download them to keep forever.

    Also included, a beautifully illustrated PowerPoint deck with photos and phytochemical structures - if you're a visual learner like me, this is a great compliment to the course. You are also welcome to download and use it in your classes and presentations! 

    And ... a fun self-assessment quiz to check your understanding of the concepts. This quiz is a great learning tool - take it as many times as you want until you know you've got it!

    A special 2-hour recorded webinar with Lisa Ganora, Kat Martello & students will be added to this course on December 15, 2023. If you buy before 12/15, you will see this webinar inside your course after the 15th.


Make Better Medicine: Solubility & Extraction class

In 8 detailed lessons, we cover the principles of solubility that you need for making any kind of herbal medicine, and the influences on and methods for making great products.

1. Why Solubility Matters

2. Polarity & Solubility

3. Polarity & Solvents

4. Solubility: Other Influences

5. The Plant Matrix & Solubility

6. Glycosides, Aglycones & pH

7. pH, Precipitation & Solubility

8. CO2, Organoleptics & Constituents

Each lesson includes a video, a detailed study guide, an audio file to download and a fun self-assessment quiz. You'll also receive a course booklet with additional information on herbal constituents and their solubility, and an illustrated PowerPoint deck. You have lifetime access to all the materials in this class (and downloads to keep forever!). The class includes a lively forum where you can continue to ask us your medicine making questions!