Make Better Medicine: Solubility & Extraction

Make Better Medicine: Solubility & Extraction is the course for herbalists who want to take their medicine-making skills to the next level ... Join us to learn process based herbal pharmacy - the next step beyond a recipe based approach. Learn the how and why of your methods and how you can dial them in to Make Better Medicine by understanding solubility & extraction with Herbal Constituents!

S&E is divided into 8 detailed lessons:

1. Why Solubility Matters

2. Polarity & Solubility

3. Polarity & Solvents

4. Solubility: Other Influences

5. Plant Matrix & Solubility

6. Glycosides, aglycones & pH

7. pH, Precipitation & Solubility

8. CO2, Organoleptics & Constituents

Each lesson includes a video with Lisa Ganora & Kat Martello, a detailed study guide & audio file to download & a self-assessment quiz. You also receive a course booklet with detailed information on herbal constituents and their solubility, and an illustrated PowerPoint deck. You will have unlimited access to all the materials in this course for download or online use. The course includes an actively managed forum where you can cask us your medicine making questions! 


As you progress through this course, you'll learn:

    • How to make better botanical medicines
    • Why understanding herbal constituents and solubility matters
    • What solubility is and how solvents / menstrua work
    • What determines the solubility of a constituent
    • How we match constituents to their preferred solvents
    • What polarity is and how it affects solubility
    • How to understand and use the polarity and solubility continuum
    • How to choose the best solvent or combination of solvents
    • Solubility characteristics of water, ethanol, glycerin, vinegar, honey, and oils
    • The effects of time, temperature, agitation and pressure on solubility
    • How the individual plant matrix affects solubility
    • How to use solubility to select for desired constituents and actions from an herb
    • What are glycosides and aglycones, and why it matters
    • The effects of pH (acidity and alkalinity) on solubility and extraction
    • What precipitation is, why it happens, and what to do about it
    • How to use organoleptics to evaluate your extracts
    • The classification of herbal constituents and their solubilities
    • How to learn more about using the principles of solubility and extraction


Thank you Lisa for a wonderfully informative course. I finally have a greater understanding of solubility and its impact on making really good medicine. I've made many tinctures over the years and I can't help but wish I had this understanding many moons ago! However, I am still grateful for all the plants and medicines I've worked with, and this only deepens my understanding and appreciation for future medicine making. You really made the chemistry friendlier for me :) - Rose Casey, Rosewoods Herbal

In my college days I crawled my way thru basic chemistry, but as an herbalist I’m more and more fascinated by organic chemistry as the foundation of herbal formulation … I purchased Lisa Ganora’s book “Herbal Constituents: Foundations of Phytochemistry” and immediately recognized its value … but was a bit overwhelmed by its scope! This class was a perfect gentle introduction to the basic concepts around extraction and solubility, very accessible information, delivered with fun and humor! Highly recommend!! - Rebecca Schumacher, BCHN, NBC-HWC, Professional Member AHG, CEO Bone Branch Holistic Wellness -

$97.00 USD